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Race and Class in St Vincent and the Grenadines


Fri, Mar 23. 2012



I must applaud Maia Eustace for dropping the polemic issue regarding race in SVG as though it is “hot.” It is, though, a lovely work of art. I hope that it will be used in sociology classes and opinion polls. I question, though, the wisdom of this race card when it is not election time. Normally, I do not think that race or skin colour matters.{{more}} At this time, however, this issue has given Vincentians much food for thought and answers many questions in Vincie context. We cannot rest this race talk now because we have much education-talk to do, and even a race-education-revolution talk(s.) Let us do this to assist in understanding, appreciating our race; to desist from certain actions because of race; and to see when race is a convenient-class for success in the electorate-race-class.

I suggest that Historian Dr Fraser now retired from UWI and is involved in this talk; lead the charge with the help of Jomo Thomas and Miss Eustace. Let them make their selection and involve whoever others from different classes to assist this talk. I guarantee that through this medium Vincentians will receive more erudite than illiterate talk from this team-class. Let this talk, however, be non-partisan until….

Of this black talk, however, over the 32-year period that Miss Eustace spoke about, what I garner, though, is that, opportunity being equal, in politics, only the “nancyest of nancyest”, trickiest of trickiest, and smartest of smartest (not in any order) become PM. I am still inclined to think so, and feel it is a global trend no matter how honest and clean one is. Despite the setbacks, though, some blacks make excellent GG’s, advisors and consultants. In politics, too, whatever colour, when pressure rises and fire gets too hot, any one can succeed.

Race and Class

For this talk, I am not talking race without class. I see them as hand and gloves. Neither am I talking about basic human class, like patrician and plebian; upper, middle and lower; richer and poorer etc. Jomo mentioned that “race hides behind class, … and that class partly mirrors race.” I concur. However, I want more talk about race-class, when they mesh in politics-class; marry into achieve-goals class; operate like kit-and-kin class, and the big-businesses-race-class. However what is sure is that each class comes together at different times to get what they want done. Race talk will forever remain immortalized, and shelved to allow class-class to grow and flourish.

I want to highlight how political-race-class classes conveniently work together to advance each class’s philosophy. When convenient, they forget race-class, which class; my class, your class and who in class. All they watch is the space in another-class. These also include political-colour-race-class and also work-class. They also forget all classes class at certain times. In this way, if all-class works together to achieve the development-class, this world would surely be a better place for all class. Sadly, this is easier said than done when too much partisan-class is in class.

I want to give kudos-talk to the big-business-race-class in SVG, including supermarkets, hardware, hotels and entrepreneurs. They are in the big-employers, help-develop class. Consider what race-class they are. Do not be fooled, who mainly benefits from their class? Kudos-talk to other classes, including insurance-class, and the small-business-class. They too play a role in development.

I see a nexus with the self-loathing mentioned (self-pity), and other-people-hater class. These types end up nesting in the oppressive, suppressive, bullying and similar-type class. In this case, Heaven help each-class. Thank God for the Jesus-class and the Christian-church-class whose prayers continue to save all-nation-class’? “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

It is good for us, at times, to acknowledge that despite black-or-white-race-class, things are not just plain black or white. Some things are worth fighting long and hard to get. Understand also, the tricks of the trade, and that “good things come to those…..” For the black-white- PM class, there is hope in “succession theory.”

L.B. Williams (Mrs)