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Did Lara pay tribute to Morton?


Fri, Mar 16. 2012

Editor: We are all saddened by the passing of cricketer Runako Morton under tragic circumstances, and even though he had his shortcomings and social problems, we can also say he made a positive contribution to cricket in our twin island state and the Caribbean.{{more}}

I have heard many tributes paid to Runako, but I find it quite strange that I have not heard a single word coming from former West Indies captain Brian Lara who captained the team when Runako played for the West Indies.

If the rumours are true that Brian and Runako did not get along too well, that is a poor excuse not at least to express a few words of tribute. At a time of death, especially in difficult circumstances, you forget petty things and rise to the occasion. I do hope my observations about Lara having paid tribute to Runako are incorrect.

John Gumbs