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The Lord moves in a mysterious way


Tue, Mar 6. 2012

EDITOR: It appears that more and more churches are being established in this country at an alarming rate. It seems that many persons are getting the calling from God, but unfortunately most are choosing to open their own church. Some are even throwing the beds out of their downstairs to make way for a pulpit.{{more}} Is the coming of Christ imminent or it is a way out of the economic challenges many are facing? I am almost certain that most of them are collecting tithes. More and more denominations can now be seen going house to house, a practice I previously only associated with certain denominations.

Persons are taking advantage of our vulnerability to religion. Politicians and religious leaders have often taken advantage of this. We are a very religious society, especially in our words, but not often in our actions.

I often wonder what the calling from God is like. Is it a small voice, or is it a feeling that comes over a person? I do not know if it is the same God that issued these callings in the past who is doing it today. In the past, many of the denominations that exist today did not allow black people to attend their church and when they were eventually allowed to do so, they had to sit at the back of the churches. Blood was shed and many lives lost in the struggle for equality and many of the persons who prevented blacks from getting their rights were religious leaders. Did God forget to tell them that racism was wrong when they received their calling?

It is unfortunate that there is no local organization which is dedicated to educating Vincentians about the different religions and countering the fear being instilled in persons by religious leaders so that they can be indoctrinated. Discussions in our society are always one-sided when it comes to religion. How come I have never heard a Sunday morning call-in program discussing whether or not Christianity makes any sense?

In some countries there are openly gay pastors conducting service in churches. There is this talk of God loves everyone, despite their sexual persuasions. Is God changing? Let someone try something like that in a Muslim mosque and you would see the difference.

If God is now prepared to accept all these things that are passing as Christianity, then I must agree with the saying, “the Lord moves in a mysterious way.”