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Put away things that invite the demons into your lives


Fri, Mar 2. 2012

Editor: Have we invited demons into our homes and lives unaware? Much of the crime and violence that is witnessed in the world is as a result of demonic influences. How can you justify someone choosing to kill without mercy or raping an elderly person or an infant for that matter?{{more}} Or how can we justify a father sexually molesting his daughter or even worse living with her as her husband? Surely these behaviors are associated with demonic activities.

Many persons do not realize that much of the rap music is dedicated to Satan, but we allow these songs into our homes. Some of the very children’s movies, such as those from Harry Potter, are satanic, and when children look at these movies, they are fascinated and love them. Without realizing it, they are inviting demons into their lives and homes for these movies, as well as horrors are dedicated to Satan.

The rock and roll and pop songs are also satanic, yet we let our children listen to them. They are played in our homes instead of good gospel songs. Satan has found a way into the homes and lives of our people, not only this present generation but also those before.

When as children, mothers put guards on their children, they have actually sold them over to Satan. No wonder they often become sick. The chains and jewels many times are dedicated to the spirits and are seen as protectors, when in fact it is not so. The very tattooes that are so popular in this country and the world at large are also satanic and can be dangerous health wise, for it can cause skin cancer. So without realizing it, we are inviting demons into our homes and lives.

Alcohol is also a spirit. That is why it is so outrageous when someone is drunk. So as we examine our crimes in this blessed land, let us go back to the beginning and realize that many parents, without realizing it, have invited evil spirits into the lives of their children. Some parents have even indulged into iniquity for many reasons, not realizing the consequences. I guess we are now reaping the consequences of our satanic actictivities.

Thus what we are experiencing today in terms of the kinds of violent crimes can be link to the fact that many of our young people and older ones have been under the influence of demons or evil spirits. Politicians may try as hard as they can and they have an obligation to do so, but only when we allow the blood of Jesus Christ his son to cleanse us from all unrighteousness ( 1 John 1:7 ) can we minimize the crimes in any nation. It is not too late to get right with God. Let us as a nation get back to God and put away these things that invite the demons into our lives.

Kennard King