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LIAT, ease up the pressure!


Fri, Mar 2. 2012

Editor: “People bawling murder. Are we under water? All the pressure come down. How will we travel around?”

Why, oh LIAT, do we have to be consistently paying such high, ruinous airfares to travel around? Why is traveling to nearby Barbados in excess of seven hundred dollars for the return fare of an adult?{{more}} Why, oh LIAT, are you treating us this way? Is it because you have monopoly in our region? Yes, we know that the economy is bad, but is the economy bad only for you, LIAT? It is bad for EVERYONE. Yes, EVERY person is feeling the pressure of the economy. Moreover, whatever possible bad management took place in the past, is it fair that innocent persons be penalized for LIAT’s own mistake? I certainly DO NOT think so. When Becket sang “Doh Ease Up!” he certainly was not referring to LIAT and their airfares. I am, therefore, calling on our honourable

Prime Minister, LIAT’s Management, and any other relevant authorities to do something to drop LIAT’s airfares, please. Be reasonable. LIAT. We appreciate your services in the region. We really do. You have been serving us for years now and we are truly grateful. But we are pleading with you now: Ease up! Ease up! Ease up!

Crying for the Region’s People!

Brianna Patterson