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SVGAA not in support of unauthorized motor racing


Fri, Feb 24. 2012

Editor: It is the aim of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Automobile Association to promote better and more considerate driving through driver awareness, defensive driving and motor sport programmes, all of which are designed to improve the skill and knowledge of both the general public and drivers.{{more}}

Under no circumstances could we support a suggestion that it is alright to hold unauthorized motor racing, no matter how remote the area used may be. Should this ever take place it would be illegal and still selfish and thoughtless.

Whilst the Vincent and the Grenadines Automobile Association holds numerous motoring events off road and on private property, with the expressed permission of the owners of the property and any other representative of authority, we are also cognisant that motor sport events also extend onto public roads in many countries in the world.

We are aware that these events are designed to provide an opportunity for drivers, who may otherwise act differently, to drive on these roads in a safe, controlled and authorised manner.

This approach leads to the reduction or elimination of illegal motor racing on public roads, and to this extent we are happy to promote this.

Similarly, we are aware that motor sports is a significant revenue earner for both Government and the private sector in countries where this is promoted as a tourist attraction. In order to bring these opportunities here, we are developing this area in line with our Authorities’ wishes and those of the Regional Motoring Clubs and Associations in order to provide an additional attraction for visitors to come to St. Vincent And The Grenadines.

The events that we hold have become extremely popular with the participants, organizers, sponsors and, more important members of the general public who attend in their thousands, and we are making significant contributions to the development of motoring in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and we are doing this in conjunction with and in line with the direction that the Authorities wish us to take.

Finally, we wish to assure members of the public that we are a serious organization and should any of our members not comply with the rules and regulations of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Automobile Association, we will (and we have) take disciplinary action against them, up to and including expulsion from the Association.

Leonard Hornsey
Honorary Secretary
SVG Automobile Association