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PM, Carlyle Dougan deserves better


Fri, Feb 24. 2012

Dear Prime Minister Gonsalves:

I write this short note to request that you intervene and help save Carlyle Dougan’s property.

Today, for the second time, (Searchlight) newspaper articles

have made me painfully aware of the plight of Lawyer Carlyle Dougan of Ribishi, in my constituency of East St George.{{more}}

From the evidence produced in Searchlight Newspaper, there is absolutely no reason for Carlyle to continue to suffer this damage to his property.

It should not take Court action to have this matter resolved.

If an illegal squatter could be compensated and relocated from a property he never owned, surely, the property of Mr. Dougan or any other citizen should be protected through proper road maintenance.

Mr. Prime Minister, as I call for your immediate intervention, I remind you that regardless of his political affiliation, Carlyle is a Ratho Mill Dougan – the son of John and Evelyn Dougan. No Dougan deserves this treatment from any government, much more a Labour government. More significantly, Carlyle Dougan has contributed hugely to the development of SVG and should be accorded some dignity and respect in his Golden years.

Please, Comrade, cause your relevant minister(s) to attend to this national disrespect with urgency.

Fix your broken road and let “Broken” and his family enjoy their hard-earned property.

God bless you!!

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.