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Let God’s love reign in our hearts


Fri, Feb 24. 2012

Editor: A couple days ago we celebrated Valentine’s Day. We know that Valentine’s Day is debatable as to its origin. However, while some may not observe the day, the principle of love must be embraced.{{more}}

We don’t need to love only on Valentine’s and special days and occasions, but love seven days a week, and every day. Gone are the days when love was demonstrated regularly, where neighbors and friends loved each other. Now we are living just for ourselves, and hardly care for each other. Long ago, there used to be more comraderie and genuine friendships.

We must, as a people, love each other. We need to see each other as valuable and value them as a person. I dare say if we have more love in this world, then we would have a reduction in the crimes. If we love each other more, we would have a society that is caring, our children would feel loved and appreciated and would thus build a stronger society, which is a reflection of the homes we come from. If we show love to our children, we have a reduction in teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and crimes.

We must be honest with ourselves and realize that we have drifted away from the principles of love and have become selfish and self centered. So I recommend that we return to the basics and spread love around. Let us love those who hate us and let us accept love and see each other’s value. Most important, let us let God’s love reign in our hearts.

Kennard King