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Maia, I am Vincy – Black, white, Indian or otherwise


Tue, Feb 21, 2012

Dear Maia E,

I must first and foremost congratulate you on the realization that you and Zinga have both had as of late. It would appear that, given the current state of politics in Hairouna, that you both have suddenly realized that you are black.{{more}} This sudden awareness of black consciousness must have hit you like a brick to the brain and I welcome it, as I would surely welcome your presence and involvement in the various activities that promote such in SVG. If I recall correctly, I have yet to see you at any emancipation celebrations or any function held by the African Heritage Foundation, but I digress.

So, yes, let us address race for a minute or two.

Are you aware that the founder of the political party that your father is currently leader of is non-black? And that the man who sits to the left of your father is also non-black? Do you remember when a former Minister of your party declared that he came to represent the Indians? Are you honestly trying to hoodwink Vincentians into thinking that the current administration is the one who has introduced the issue of race into our Vincentian politics? Nah. Cyar be.

But, while we’re on the issue of race, let’s talk money too. Did daddy dearest, upon reading your letter, kindly remind you that the top financiers of the party that he leads are non-black? Or is it when the cash starts to flow we forget skin colour? What about that fella down Bequia….you know who I mean….the one from Texas nah….have you forgotten that

he is also non-black?? Probably even more so than the Bonadies, Veiras, Mitchells and Fridays? Well, I know yo go tell me that

save and except for the Texan, all are 100% Vincentian…and I would take this sentence to remind you that the Hon. Prime Minister is too, but you already know this.

Maia, your letter make me laugh like ah live out. Man, ah feel fo print out and blow up yuh letter big big for everybody to see. Yo wah know why? “If you are under 32 and Vincentian you have never seen a black Prime Minister.” Well Maia, yo could imagine that? I am under 32 and Vincentian. I was 15 when your father was voted into office. I remember it quite clearly. I remember his tirade on SVG TV that was the beginning of the end of his political life. Yo eh memba dat? When he in one breath tried to pass the greedy bill and on the next hand bawl out ‘not one more red cent fo teachers’? You really eh remember that, Maia? My parents are educators, so I remember it CLEARLY! But I guess even in your eyes, Maia, your father’s stint in office is insignificant. On that we can both agree.

But you see when you and people like you like to get on a soap box to tear down and attack a man who has done nothing but fight for and provide for the children of poor black people in this country, that is way does get me vex. When poor black people pickney who never even thought an education after secondary school was possible have received scholarships to do their undergraduate and graduate degrees under this administration from someone you wish to paint was ‘white’ I think you need fo tek a trip to Cuba and get your eyes and head examined. When poor black people pickney have access to the requisite technology to assist them in this ever advancing technological age through the one laptop per child initiative from the same so called ‘white man’ who has not discriminated ever because he does not see in colour…I believe that the delusion that is rampant in the NDP is now spilling over to those closely aligned to it.

Look here, young lady. I lived in Trinidad for many years. Until arriving there, come high hell water no one could have ever convinced me that I was not black. I was made aware on my non-blackness in a country where the issue of race permeates every aspect of political life. But doah get me wrong, eh. Me dardee black, his dardee black and me great-grandmother was also, so regardless of any ‘mixture’, black blood runs through my veins. There is no need for me to refer to myself as ‘black Vincentian’. I am VINCENTIAN. Black, white, Indian, potogee, mixed or otherwise.

Maybe what we need is a dialogue on ‘class divisions’ in St Vincent. Maybe we go get people to stop tie on cup to their kitchen pipe fo dey black ‘maids’ to drink from. Now THAT would be an interesting discussion.

100% Vincy