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Hypocrite or ingrate?


Tue, Feb 21, 2012

Editor: According to a Caribbean News Now (CNN) news story (February 18, 2012), the Grenada Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas advised Caribbean leaders to place more emphasis on the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) instead of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA).{{more}}

In the CNN story, Mr Thomas gave no reason why he arrived at the conclusion that Caribbean leaders are placing more emphasis on ALBA than CARICOM. I read the newspapers of several Caribbean islands on a daily basis, as evidenced by my daily posts on FaceBook. I have never before read, seen or heard such a claim as Thomas is making.

Perhaps, Mr Thomas has good reason for becoming the new American mouthpiece in the region. After all, none of the other CARICOM leaders will take on such a job.

Interestingly enough, Grenada has observer status on ALBA and Prime Minister Tillman Thomas attends meetings of the ALBA organization. Additionally, I am informed that Thomas’ government is now undertaking several projects in his country, compliments of the government of Venezuela and ALBA. Venezuela spearheaded the formation of ALBA.

According to my sources in Grenada, these projects include housing development.

Thomas should give up Grenada’s observer status in ALBA, halt all of the ALBA and Venezuela projects now in progress in his country or simply shut his trap.

Seems like Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has learned nothing from the Taiwan-China experience.

Please tell me, Tillman Thomas, which word should I associate with your actions, hypocrite or ingrate?

T Wade Kojo Williams