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Our dead relatives never really leave us


Fri, Feb 17, 2012

Editor: Many of us hold a simple outlook of life in that we go through our lives trying to achieve our goals, then hope to go to Heaven when we die. However, life is much more than this. There is an underlying force in this universe that affects each of us.((more)) Nevertheless, we seem not to have the time or the interest in trying to understand this underlying force which affects us on an everyday basis.

The way we view life is largely shaped by our religious beliefs, for we were taught that Jesus died for us and has gone to prepare a place for us. We are, therefore, contented with what we were told because it makes living appear easy. This may be misleading because those things we may be ignoring are possibly the really important ones.

No one has ever died and returned to tell us what lies on the other side, at least as far as I know. However, I think we all agree that our spirits cannot die. Whether they go to place referred to as hell or heaven is debatable. However, if we agree that they cannot die, then it must be deduced that they are existing in another dimension. The question is, can they still communicate with us? The answer is yes. Our dead relatives can offer us protection and advice. In fact, I was looking at a documentary on the tsunami that occurred in Japan last year and I heard this young lady saying that she was saved by God and her dead relatives. To us this sounds ridiculous but it should not be criticized. The spirit of our dead friends and relatives who were close to us exists in another dimension, but they are always trying to communicate with us. This can only be done at the spiritual level because it is only our spirit that can transcend this dimension. This is where intuition comes in. There is always that small voice that speaks to us, but we often ignore it. This is the voice of infinite wisdom. Our dead relatives actually contribute to this wisdom until they undergo another incarnation. The truth is that they never really leave us.

Finally, our spirit functions best when we are calm. Therefore, we must try to remain calm as much as possible. If we are calm then we can be at peace with ourselves, and if we are at peace with ourselves we would certainly be at peace with others.