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Fri, Feb 17, 2012

Editor: I had the opportunity to listen to part of an inspiring lecture delivered by our eminent jurist and Queen’s Counsel P.R. Campbell on television just over a week ago, as he addressed the new batch of young student nurses at the Peace Memorial Hall.{{more}}

From what I heard for the duration of that lecture, it was one of the better presentations I have heard coming from this gentleman.

This lecture to my mind should never be allowed to go a begging, or be reduced to the waste paper basket or to the archives of forgetfulness, but should be re-broadcast on SVG television, documented and be placed in the Public Library, so that upcoming students of history could refer to these educational materials.

Say what you want about P.R. Campbell, if you had the privilege to listen to that presentation, any negative feeling that a person might have had would have been stripped away.

This gentleman served as Attorney General in this country, contributed to amending the laws of this country, and what is so fitting, subject to correction, this presentation was done since 2001.

This is my challenge to the TV Station, GIS and the API to find this footage, and do justice in keeping this thing alive.

In the USA, you could find documentation for all important persons, the past Presidents, Martin Luther, Garvey etc, but here in SVG, no one remembers anything. This place is like a full bucket of water, you push your hand in and then you remove it, it does not leave any space. Simply put, you never existed.

Randolph Peters