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Gardens a World Heritage Site


Fri, Feb 17, 2012

Editor: It is with pleasure that I read of the launch of ‘the launching ceremony for the restoration of the Gardens for its 250th anniversary.’{{more}}

Some years ago in a television interview here in Trinidad, a member of your Ministry of Tourism made mention of the Botanic Gardens in St. Vincent as a tourist attraction. I thought of the statement made and after reflection agreed that it could indeed be a tourist attraction, but felt such a purpose would be better served if it were restored to its original glory. In a letter to the Prime Minister, which apparently was not received, I made some suggestions:

* A Hortus prepared by the first Curator of the Gardens listing all the plants introduced, the places of origin, the way in which they were propagated, exists at the Library of the Linnean society of London, a copy of which should be helpful in any restoration project;

* the Gardens -on account of its historical importance – can be named a World Heritage Site;

In order for the above to be done, an NGO, such as a Friends of the Botanic Gardens, needs to apply for such status to UNESCO.

It is thus a double pleasure to read that there is indeed a Friends of the Botanic Gardens and trust that if they have not thought of the idea of applying to the relevant bodies for World Heritage Status for the Gardens, they consider it seriously.

The letter is no doubt in your archives.

E. Julian Duncan