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Reminiscing about first love


by: Loren “Leddie” Da Breo Tue, Feb 14. 2012

“You are the only woman who truly loved me, in spite of…”.

He held her hand and looked at her as he uttered those words. She soon began to reminisce. Yes, they were both about eighteen years old at the time, and were each other’s first love.{{more}}

Describing herself at that time, she says, “I had long hair and broad hips. He was short, slim and handsome”. They were opposite in economic status. She was from a poor, but humble family. He, on the other hand, was born into wealth. They loved each other with a passion. He demonstrated his love by making sure her every need was met. On many occasions, without the knowledge of his parents, he would carry groceries and other basic necessities to the love of his life.

They spent many intimate moments together. She said, “I recalled a Valentine night we spent lying on the beach looking up at the stars, discussing our future together. There were times I feared losing him, despite him assuring me over and over that he is not going anywhere, he was in my life to stay. I asked him that night if he still loved me and with a smile and a soft tone of voice he replied, “Always love you”. I will never forget that special Valentine night”.

As young people with their blood close to the skin, she eventually got pregnant and everything changed. At first, she was afraid to tell her mother, not wanting to be put out of the home, but the opposite happened. Her mom hugged her and said, “My child I am sorry that you couldn’t wait until you are married, but don’t worry, God forgave you and so do I. Children are a heritage, regardless of how they come”. Her mother accepted the pregnancy and stood by her, giving advice on what to eat and how to care for her body.

Her sweetheart, however, was not at all surprised with the negative response he received from his wealthy parents. From the very inception, they were not in approval of their relationship. They thought she was too poor for him and to compound it, they had a racist attitude, due to a difference in ethnicity.

For the couple, race knew no boundaries. They were in love and that’s all that mattered. He said, “I knew the opposition we faced from my parents, but telling them of the pregnancy was a chance I had to take and I did. My mother’s immediate comment was that the child was not mine. Her negative attitude drew me even closer to my future wife and made me love her even more, as she was carrying my baby. They tried every known trick in the book to keep us apart, but it never worked. Eventually, they packed me up and sent me overseas”.

I saw the pain in his face as he recalled that event, even though it had happened so many years ago.

She continued, “They took him away from me. We were both crushed and our spirits were broken. I cried continuously. With no form of communication, we drifted apart. Many, many years later he returned to the country with his wife and children. I myself had married someone else and had other children.”

The couple, now in their seventies with each other’s spouse now deceased, sat next to each other reminiscing on their love relationship over sixty years ago. I reminded them of that old saying that, “old fire sticks easy to catch”.

She responded with laughter, “NOT THIS FIRE STICK; TOO OLD FOR THAT!”