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Luke Browne should share the facts on NIS


Tue, Feb 14. 2012

Editor: I write with reference to a letter captioned “Arnhim Eustace is wrong about the NIS” by one “R. T. Luke V. Browne,” published in SEARCHLIGHT of February 10, 2012.{{more}}

First, please allow me to thank Mr Browne for reading and commenting on the work of “Mr Kenton Chance, the self-proclaimed investigative journalist who writes about SVG from Taiwan under the banner “I-Witness News” – a credible source of daily news and information for many Vincentians at home and abroad. I would like to assure Mr Browne and the public that I attempt to adhere to ALL the tenets of journalism within the limitation of my practice of the profession.

However, it seems that Mr Browne was not as concerned about the veracity of the factual content of the I-Witness News report of which he wrote, as he was about I-Witness News itself (Please see: “NIS insider asks Eustace to maintain pressure” Had Mr Browne been concerned about the veracity of the content of the report, he would have mentioned that SEARCHLIGHT also published under the headline “Eustace worried about declining NIS profits”, a news story on Page 5 of its January 27, 2012 edition, in which the same facts mentioned in the I-Witness News report are stated. Hence, following Mr Browne’s thesis, SEARCHLIGHT, the self-proclaimed source of “journalism you can trust”, which writes about SVG from SVG, also “apparently just took [Eustace’s] word for it”. However, in Mr Browne’s letter, he did not mention that SEARCHLIGHT published the same facts.

Further, Mr Browne’s own facts about the National Insurance Service have changed with his comments and the medium in which he makes them. His comments also suggest that he possesses information that is not yet available to the public. But I am sure that I speak for both I-Witness News and SEARCHLIGHT when I say that our readers would be happy to know this information. Please help our efforts, Mr Browne. Share the information. And, by the way, try to be consistent with the numbers. At least both SEARCHLIGHT and I-Witness News shared that in common.

Kenton X. Chance
I-Witness News