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Stop the violence, Stay Calm, Start the thinking


by Dillon Ollivierre Fri, Feb 10. 2012

Stop! I am your conscience
Please, I beg you, analyze carefully your decision
Do you really want to take the life of another?
Do you really want to abuse your lover?
Why would you want to induce pain in another?
Why would you want to take the life of your child’s mother{{more}}

Stop the violence, stay clam, start the thinking
Stop the panicking
The stressing
The senseless arguing
You’re focusing on the negatives
Ignoring the positives
Your judgment is clouded
The love within has faded
You’re a body without a soul
With a built up of anger, you’re playing the devil’s role

Stop the violence, stay calm, start the thinking
Taking the life of another solves nothing
Abusing your partner solves nothing
Why lower your standards to that of a mental prisoner when you are the son of a king
Why lurk in the shadows when you can walk in the light?
Why let your emotions get the best of you night after night?
Why give in to the anger and frustration?
Why give in to the temptation?

The pain within hurts
You feel like dirt
The only way to overcome this is to give in
Commit a sin
Take the life of another or inflict pain
No! I said no it’s not, what do you stand to gain?
Life is not about seeking revenge nor paying attention to those who try to hurt you
It’s about being who you are and loving those who hate you
Why give in, when you can observe and learn from the situation
Why give in and become who they want you to be, when you can find a positive solution
Walk away, ignore them
Positively tackle the problem