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Another Unsung Hero


Fri, Feb 10. 2012

Editor: It is often usually after a person’s death that we recognize his or her contribution to society. Then we do so by setting up a trust fund in their name or naming some significant street or building after them.{{more}}

Sometimes, however, some persons who have made significant contributions to their communities are often quickly forgotten. Please permit me to use this medium to mention one such person who needs to be recognized.

Therese Cuffy was a teacher who in the mid 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s went beyond the call of duty to ensure that primary school students in Georgetown, Colonarie, Park Hill and Diamond got a sound education. Miss Cuffy lived in Colonarie but taught at the Geogetown Primary School in the mid 1950’s. In those days vehicles were not operating as frequently as they do today, and on Sundays it was worse, no vehicles were available. I remember as a liitle boy, she would take me with her as she walked from Colonarie to Georgetown on Sunday evenings and then she would stay there during the week to ensure that she would be available to her students for that period of time. That must have been quite a sacrifice that she made in those days.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s she was headteacher of the Diamond Primary School and Park Hill Primary school and made sterling contributions to both communities in the area of education. Many former students of these educational institutions who are grown men and women today constantly sing the praises of “Miss Cuffy”. They declare that she not only instilled knowledge in them from their school books, but also discipline, good manners, good behaviour, and all in all proper etiquette. Her two sons and grandchildren can also attest to her being a strict disciplinarian.

In 1979 she had to retire from teaching because of heart disease. However, she continued to tutor children privately and continued to impact the surrounding communities in a very positive way.

She passed away on February 12, 2011, and is sadly missed every day. She served her community well, and I am strongly suggesting that the Park Hill Primary School, where she laboured faithfully for many years be named in her honour. That would be one way we would remember “Miss Cuffy”, another one of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ contributors in the field of Education.

Yours respectfully
Francis A. Yorke
Portmore, St. Catherine,