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Why can’t we have colour codes for every bus route?


Tue, Feb 7. 2012

Editor: What an adventure the last week was. My jeep was in the shop, so lucky me I had to ride on mini-buses. What fun!

First of all, I have no idea what vans travel where, so I had to stand at the side of the road and try to read the very fine print on the front of the van that relates to their destination.{{more}} Some don’t even have this luxury on the van, so you have to stop the van to ask – ‘Are you going to Prospect?’, ‘Are you going to Glen?’ etc. If they are not going there, the conductors seem upset that you bothered them with the question. Their faces tell the story. How stupid of me! I should learn the names of the vans that travel where I am going. Only in St Vincent.

Isn’t it time that we move away from this primitivism? Why can’t we have colour codes for every route or a number system? Remember mini-bus owners, Vincentians are not the only ones who ride your vans. Make it a little easier on tourists, nuh. The names can stay, but a clearer route mark needs to be on the bus that the travelling public can see, especially if the van is in motion. Come on, minibus association, that’s one for you.