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Mr PM, do the right thing – reshuffle your cabinet


Tue, Feb 7. 2012

Editor: The mistake was made by this paper to let the cat out of the bag concerning the cabinet reshuffle. However, from the answer given by the Prime Minister at the news conference, we know that he definitely will reshuffle his Cabinet.{{more}}

It is time, Mr Prime Minister, to reshuffle the Cabinet. After all, it will not be a bad idea. The one-seat majority gives very little room for error, and thus the performance of the ministers and their ministry is of paramount importance. Therefore, reshuffling the Cabinet would only serve to strengthen the government, in the case of those who, after one year in ministry, have not shown much improvement, and also to let others get a good feel of other ministries, since the available members for Cabinet is very small. It is not a sign of weakness to do so, but rather a sign of strength.

Even the honest and loyal supporters of the ruling ULP would agree that the Hon. Montgomery Daniel needs to be removed from that ministry. The public service has had its problems as well and so a firmer approach to this all-important sector needs to be given. Thus, reshuffling ministers can do well and strengthen the ruling party. After all, we know that the Hon. Prime Minister is a hard-working individual and he is very astute. That is why I would be disappointed if he does not do some reshuffling of his Cabinet to add some spice and energy to some ministries. It will be important also to have some board members changed and replaced with persons who are committed to SVG, in the case of some board members.

Mr PM do the right thing, reshuffle your cabinet and give yourself and party a positive boost. It is time for a change in the cabinet by reshuffling it around. Thank you.

Kennard King