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Don’t ignore special children; they are people too!


Tue, Feb 7. 2012

Editor: I note with sadness the disrespect with which the nation’s special needs children are treated.

Can you imagine that there are quite a few educators in this country who are trained in the area of special needs and are not functioning to assist those children?{{more}} They write glowing letters to the scholarship agents about why they should be granted these awards to study in the area of special education, including how they will return to St Vincent and give service in this area. Sadly, when they return, they are not interested in working with these children. They prefer to be in the Ministry of Education, in other positions. Those who genuinely want to go immediately to work in this area are dissuaded.This is not fair to these young ones who need specialized teaching.

To those who know they are guilty, you are missing out on working with some very sweet young people.

Then, on another note of disregard. The children in these schools have not yet received the netbooks like all the other “normal” children. Are they going to be the last to get? Are they even going to get at all? When the authorities plan, do they actually have special needs in mind? Do they think that the children will throw away the netbooks and that they will be wasted on them? Don’t they know that some of these young people are actually computer savvy?

I am looking forward to the day when the Ministry of Education will give these children their due. I am challenging them on their statement that no child will be left behind. Don’t ignore these children. They are people too. Take a cue from all the countries in the world who give so many services to these children. The parents try their best, but the government should step up, and if they do not have the resources to so assist, then ask for some from the friendly countries who want to fund the airport. Our special needs children need to take off and soar in the air like all other children. Don’t leave them behind. Give them their wings.