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Daniel will break the lion’s back


Tue, Feb 7. 2012

Editor: As a Vincentian whose job as a taxi driver provides me with the opportunity to travel through St Vincent, I think I’m in the position to share my opinion from what I am hearing from farmers about agriculture.{{more}}

Mr Daniel, who is an agriculturist and Minister of Agriculture, seems not to be in a position to assist with agriculture in this country. Prime Minister Gonsalves boasts about his competence as a Minister of Agriculture, but farmers are complaining about the current situation in agriculture. Would it be fair to say, the ministry has lost its way under Minister Daniel or Chief Agricultural Officer Mr Reuben Robertson, who, in my opinion, is just a smooth talker when dealing with agriculture?

Something needs to be done for the farmers, who are struggling to cope with the failing industry.

Would removing Mr Daniel help?

The Prime Minister finds himself in a position where he can’t find a replacement for Minister Daniel.

Prime Minister, which is more important, leaving Daniel there, or for the agriculture industry to continue its decline?

From listening to farmers, they don’t think he can do the job. Look at how he dealt with Black Sigatoka disease. Take the blame!

Is Minister Daniel saying the Minister of Finance should take the blame, because he Daniel can’t approve money for spending in the Ministry of Agriculture? That is why Prime Minister Gonsalves should remove him; to where, I don’t know, but the Prime Minister don’t dare touch Minister Daniel or he will be placed in the lion’s den.

So, farmers, please be patient with the Prime Minister; he is trying, but afraid; remember it is eight to seven and he knows that.

Why should farmers be compromised because the Prime Minister can’t seem to discipline Minister Daniel?

This newspaper shared their view about the cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister didn’t comment nor deny it. Remember, the Prime Minister doesn’t like to be questioned.

Prime Minister, farmers are waiting; try Saboto Caesar. Remember when you appointed Mrs Miguel to the Ministry of Agriculture, because she is from an agriculture-based village and knows the way of agriculture? I hope that goes for Minister Caesar, because he is a country man.

These are my suggestions, besides these the Prime Minister should call fresh elections and have a stronger mandate. But farmers are so hurt that they will vote for NDP just to get rid of Daniel.

The NDP would win the election, so when Mr Eustace said this year will be the election year, I agree with his thoughts.

Daniel will break the Lion’s back (ULP).

Kingsley DeFreitas