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You let money ‘mash’ up our friendship


Fri, Feb 3. 2012

Editor: Please permit me a space in your newspaper to issue a request. My name is Henry Neverson of New Montrose.{{more}}

I made a terrible mistake last year when I decided to give a lady friend of mine access to my bank account.

The reason for doing this was to ensure that if I get sick or in trouble, someone would be able to look after my personal affairs. Not too long after, this woman withdrew a large sum of money without my permission.

I took her to court and she was instructed by the court to return my money. This incident occurred last year. This is a new year and I am still waiting on her to return my money.

My request is for this woman to return my money as was instructed by the court. I trusted her as a friend to secure my money, and instead of doing so, she stole from me. I work hard daily to earn my money, and it is unfair that I should suffer because I took a leap of faith and trusted a friend.

If she fails to comply with my request, my next step would be to take the matter back to court. The only thing I care about right now is for her to return my money. She withdrew it without my knowledge. She can deposit without my knowledge the same.

Thank you in advance for publishing my letter.

Henry Neverson