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Kirk Da Silva – the man for Marriaqua


Fri, Feb 3. 2012

Editor: Please allow me space in your publication to publish this letter which I believe is very timely, particularly where the constituency of Marriaqua is concerned.{{more}}

It has been widely circulated that the current representative for the constituency of Marriaqua, the Hon. Girlyn Miguel, will not be contesting the next general elections. She has served for four terms, one in opposition and three in government, and she has served well.

Be that as it may, she served with our support and love, and we thank her very much for going where not many men, far less women, dare to go. Hats off to you Mrs. Miguel.

The pending departure of the Hon. Girlyn Miguel brings our constituency to the crossroads, and as we ponder the future of our people, the questions are: (1) What kind of future are we looking for? (2) Who is best suited to take us there?

To answer these questions, we begin to look within, and we look at the persons who are positioning themselves to take us where we want to go. It is my belief that the people of Marriaqua are looking for a representative who will practice a different kind of politics, one who puts the welfare of others before his own and one who believes that as a nation, we can do much more to improve the standard of living of every Vincentian.

We have been hearing a few names of persons who may be thinking of running as the candidate in the next general elections, but so far, only one has indicated to the constituency council that he would like to contest on a ULP ticket to be the next representative. His name is Kirk Michael Da Silva, a son of the soil.

We in the constituency know the family background from which this young man of the Marriaqua soil has come. We know of the benevolence of his father, Mr. Das Da Silva (deceased), as we knew him and the deep rooted commitment to service in Marriaqua. We also know of their deep rooted love for the people.

The second to last child from a total of 11 siblings, the Dasilva boys and one girl have left their mark on the fabric of the Vincentian society: Val and Justin in pharmaceuticals, Vern, a businessman in Mespo, Ron, also a businessman, and Diane, the only girl, an accomplished and successful businesswoman. Kirk himself is a professional par excellence. He does not believe in taking shortcuts. However, he is a firm believer that when you do something it should be well done. An Accountant by profession, Kirk has excelled as a Banker. He is a certified fraud examiner, and is one of only two Forensic Accountants in the Eastern Caribbean. He lectured in Financial Services with the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Bankers in St. Kitts, and is currently a lecturer in the Professional Accounting Programme, ACCA, as well as the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) Open Campus. Kirk is a founding partner of KDLT Chartered Certified Accountants, a firm recognized in this country for its professionalism and excellent work.

In all of this, Kirk finds time to serve otherwise to ensure the development of this country and the development of his fellow man as he is no stranger to the social services.

Kirk is a current member of the Board of Directors of St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. He was nominated as financial advisor to the Board of Directors of the School for Children with Special Needs. He is a past President of the Rotary Club of St. Vincent and a Past President of the St. Vincent Jaycees, so he knows what it is to meet the needs of his fellowman.

In speaking to him, you realize that he is acutely aware of what he is about to give up for the opportunity to make a difference in Marriaqua, and by extension the country. He says: “I am willing to give it all up”. It is his belief that St. Vincent and the Grenadines needs politicians who are ready to practice a different type of politics, and I believe that Marriaqua, by nominating and later electing Kirk Da Silva to be its representative in parliament, will see a politician with a difference, a lover of people, a humble and intelligent man.

In today’s world, where selfishness abounds, where people seemingly lack motivation to excel and be innovative, and where ill discipline seems to be the order of the day, it is time for something different. It, therefore, is my belief that like Esther of old, Kirk Da Silva has been sent to us for such a time as this. Let us embrace this gem of a man and go Da Silva all the way.

A Constituent