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Does Le Coq have legs?


Fri, Feb 3. 2012

Editor: According to some political pundits, you win the Kingstown seats, you win power in SVG. The NDP accepted this as gospel, only to be left shell-shocked after the 2010 elections. It should be noted that despite this special influential electoral determinant that Kingstown is proclaimed to be, it has never produced a prime minister.{{more}} Oh, Arhnim, yes, he hails from Edinboro, but he was just dressed up in James’ soiled and discarded robes, barely held together by rotten threads. It was in essence a chauffeur’s uniform for the derelict NDP jalopy Jessie left balancing on the brink of a precipice. Arhnim, clothed in the hand-me-down, pushed the jalopy, (he admitted as much in parliament). It’s now a dozen years and counting that it lies at the bottom of that cliff, twisted, mangled, and confused, yet promoted as the NDP’s advanced model “New Times.” Amazing!!

Arhnim is the exception that proves the rule. He is the only leader of a major party in contemporary Caribbean politics to be trashed three consecutive times, and refuses to resign. And, the party is happy! To his credit, Le Coq crowed early: “We need fresh legs!” A few individuals privately expressed dismay, while a Frankenstein administered a severe almost vituperative tongue lashing on Arhnim. Then came the Wiki leaks revealing that Washington – to whom Arhnim is unashamedly subservient – depicts him as uninspiring!! These are damming indictments against his leadership. Still, he was returned unopposed. Incredible!!!

Most recently, the guerrilla commando, even with only junior backing, declared the NDP to be stuck in reverse. Sensing a sinking ship, they jumped overboard, dreaming that an imaginary life craft, “PRESS,” will come to the rescue. Arhnim’s ability to connect with the populace is none existent. He is incoherent as regards our airport, (the biggest capital project in our history). He misread the post 2010 election mood, leading to the hooliganism of Burton et al, and the “lie down play dead” scenario. His budget responses remain for the most part inept. Above all else, he is no match for Ralph, plain and simple. All to the discredit of the NDP! It begs the question therefore: Why no challenge from the self-styled major, recalling his aforementioned legs declaration?

Probably it’s the Jessie James factor that prevents feisty Le Coq from offering his legs. It’s known that while bitterly disappointed in Arhnim, this aging yet keen political gunslinger is wary of Le Coq. So wary, that with one shot, he reduced Le Coq to a hen, resulting in the major crying like a new recruit suddenly faced with real warfare. Jessie, it’s said, favours Linton. Fact is, Linton can’t even win a seat. Asking him to win a general election is putting “hell pon jackass back.”

Talk is also that Jessie could mastermind a Louise takeover. If so, this would be his second installation. A party still saddled with the first should remember the wise saying, “Once bitten ….” Alternatively, to make sure that Le Coq wings remain clipped, Jessie might back Man Friday. But he, like Arhnim, was recruited in recognition of his ability to follow, not lead. So the NDP would merely be suiting up yet again in discarded robes!! Imagine the resulting state of affairs!

Le Coq must move now (for “the early bird catches the worm”), if he is to remain ahead of TAB, (Tweety-Anne Bird). Tweety is already gunning with evangelical fervour for the top job, 7 days a week. Le Coq is now a papa bird, with granddaughter to boot. He has the advantage at present, as Tweety, Linton and Louise are without seats. His seat is the platform from which to launch his bid to secure the unbridled power he so craves, best exemplified through his hysterics in the parliament (of all places), as if he is Zeus.

But for him to succeed he must gain the trust of party hangers-on (including past parliamentarians), who refuse to find gainful employment or perform honest labour. These parasites wait on an NDP victory to turn the treasury into their host. Le Coq must assure these desperados that with him as boss, their nests would be richly feathered with public corn.

There are also malicious rumours of him having issued checks that bounced; misappropriating jerseys given to football; of always being ready for a cock fight; and how he recently got “slap off and box off” for errant conduct, even while insisting: “Nobody can scold me!” For questioning minds, these rumours, though malicious, create a serious

image problem, especially considering that the man he would try to unseat is seen as sanitized by a fan club of self-severing Baptimuses. I can’t, but his friend Jack Warner surely can advise in this regard.

Of course, other possible pitfalls exist, like becoming the targeted obsession of the insane “Frankensteinians.” But Le Coq should take comfort that their vitriol had little effect on Arhnim, proving that these mad and bitter merchants of hate and envy are nonentities, legends only in their sick inchoate minds. Politics makes for strange bedfellows; still, an accommodation with such insanity is a camel through a needle’s eye proposition.

But, probably it’s a lack of legs and courage to fight (some major that!) is what really prevents Le Coq making the move that could ultimately lead to him being the first town man to secure the premiership. That’s understood: it’s always easier being the big bad rooster in the yard. However, the backlash must be considered for Vincentians relate to such fowls rather simply: “We hear better cock than you crow and them still wine up in peleau!” And not even legs can save him then!

Dr. Richard A. Byron-Cox