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Conmen, seek an honest living!


Fri, Jan 27. 2012

Editor: A conman is someone who, simply put, “tricks someone in order to obtain something.” Having realized this, it must be borne in mind that there are several conmen in this country who are obtaining monies by trickery. These persons get away scot-free due to their subtlety.{{more}}

Amongst the many conmen is a group of men with their three card games who trick many innocent people, mainly young ladies. While one can argue that it is a game, we know that it is illegal and is designed to rob innocent persons of hard earned cash. How sad it is that in these hard economic times, when money is hard to come by, that these men would seek to rob people of their hard earned cash.

It can also be argued that these individuals who have fallen victims to this game were not forced to play the game. However, they were tricked into believing they could win money easily. It is, therefore, important that we be aware of these men and be not drawn into their trickery thinking they can gain money easily.

There is also a gentleman who for years has been robbing kind hearted citizens, and even foreigners of cash. This guy has been claiming that he is seeking help to pay for medical expenses to do an operation in Florida. He carries a sponsor sheet soliciting support. Many persons with a kind heart have been drawn into his trickery thinking that he is genuine. Only later to realize this was not so, but rather he is just seeking to get rich by fraudulent means.

I call upon us to be certain someone is genuine when they seek assistance from us. The sponsor sheet should carry the address of the organization, along with the stamp of the organization. Similarly, when seeking assistance for a medical purpose, it is important that in genuine cases the persons go to the media so that the public will know of the case. It is also important that persons seek to verify whether the person or persons are genuine.

Having said that, there would be those who will still get away due to craftiness. I strongly recommend that care be given when giving donations and also those police officers is more vigilant in the case of the three card game to stop them. I trust that those conmen seek to stop tricking people and seek to earn a living by legal means.

Kennard King