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Well done, thou good and faithful servant


Tue, Jan 24. 2012

Editor: From time to time we recognize the outstanding contributions of fellow Vincentians by naming buildings and other landmarks after them.{{more}}

Sadly though, such honour is usually bestowed only upon those persons with urban and political connections. I have failed in earlier attempts to even get space in your newspaper to share the story of someone whose years of dedicated service under very difficult circumstances touched the lives of thousands of her countrymen in a very positive way.

Serving as district nurse in the North Leeward area during the 1950’s, 60s and 70s was no easy task, but Doris Providence rose to the occasion. Although based at the clinic at Troumaca, she was always on call for the nearby villages of Rose Bank, Couls Hill and Rose Hall. Those were the times when public transportation in those areas was inadequate at times and nonexistant at night and on weekends. What a task that was! Yet, because she was patient, dedicated, determined and extremely kind, “Nurse Doris” got it done.

In those days, the district doctor visited just once per week”. Nurse Doris “ went beyond the call of duty, as she often had to come up with a remedy for each ailiment. In an article on the Troumaca Government school and the stalwarts that it turned out, my brother Frank DaSilva decribed “Nurse Doris” as ‘’a Doctor with the title of a nurse”. To those who lived through the years of her dedicated service, those words spoke volumes. Although there have been some talk since her passing, nothing tangible has been done in recognition of her service. That should change. The clinic at Troumaca where she worked tirelessly still stands. It should be upgraded and named “THE DORIS PROVIDENCE MEDICAL CENTRE”. That would be at least one way in which we can say “WELL DONE, THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!”

Ken Wyllie
Philadelphia USA.