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We have to overcome ourselves


Tue, Jan 24. 2012

Editor: Many persons fail to realize that we are the ones that are unconsciously setting limits on our achievements. Within our minds we have already convinced ourselves that we can only attain a particular level of success.{{more}} Once our subconscious has bought into this, it becomes very difficult to attain anything beyond this limit. Much of this false information was acquired during socialization, especially in our homes, schools and through our religion.

The minds of children are very impressionable; therefore, it is very important they hear only things that are positive and made to understand that it is only their minds and their physical attributes that would eventually determine their ultimate achievements. Therefore, mental abuse of children can leave a scar for life. However, since these minds are so impressionable, we ought to mould them into becoming great individuals. I always believe that we are giving a false impression when we are teaching children about Christ. We ought to convince our children that Christ was a great person, not so much because he attained some special power from God, but because he used the same power that was given to every human being and developed his mind to higher level than the average person did.

For a nation to be successful there must be a significant percentage of the population striving for higher ideals. Our religious beliefs place too much emphasis on what happens after death; but the truth is no one knows what happens after death. Everything that is preached to us is simply a belief. Once it cannot be proven, it is a belief.

We do not understand how independent our minds are. Once that subconscious part of our mind is convinced that we have set out to achieve something, it independently sets out to explore all possible means of achieving that objective. I know that it is difficult to focus on these issues of the mind with all the challenges we are facing today, but our success is dependent on being able to do so. Mankind has shifted from focusing on spiritual matters and continuously concentrates on material things. It is for this reason we are unable to perform some of the things that are claimed in the bible.

Let us stop lamenting the end of time and try to remove those limits we have placed on ourselves. I can assure that there is no end of time, for it feels no different today in the year 2012 from the way it felt two thousand years ago.