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The empty service to the devil has nothing to offer


Tue, Jan 24. 2012

Editor: The enemy is in an extremely horrible state due to his rebellion against Yahweh (God). He fought in heaven, suffered a humiliating defeat and consequently was cast down to the earth, where he awaits eternal destruction – Rev 12:7-9, Matt 25:41.{{more}}

The noticeably polluted and disgusting features of Satan are enough to attract the hatred of all beings with intellect, but instead his ways are praised and followed by many people in contemporary society. Have all men gone blind? Don’t they see whose servants they are?

The Bible describes the devil as a liar and a murderer who has used great deception to cause men to sin against Yahweh (God). Definitely, it is the practice of contravening the law of God (sin) which ties one to the enemy’s service. He that committeth sin is of the devil….” says 1 John 3:8. Moreover, the servants of Satan, just as their master, are corrupt in their minds and are exposed to the grave evils of this life. After Satan has deceived the minds of his followers, he presents ideas which offer false hope and pleasure to individuals. This law-breaking knowledge doesn’t only weaken and destroy the logic of the mind, but also robs one of the deep, experiential peace which the mind of righteousness gives.

Romans 8:6 shows: “For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” The human soul which was created to walk in the high and real principles of Yahweh is then forced to live a life of fallacy and shame. The acts of pleasure which excite the mind temporarily are only highly esteemed by the individual in deception and sin. However, in reality, when scanned by the light of God, they are degrading, foolish and worthless. The life of satanic service doesn’t truly satisfy the man, but offers in place of the fulfillment of human purpose frustration, misery, insecurity and guilt. Engagement in sinful activities, to a great extent, harms the mind and endangers the soul. The devil, driven by hatred for his servants who relish his deeds, seeks to permanently bar them from the love of God. In the accomplishment of this effort, his desire is fulfilled where he prevents his followers from experiencing the beautiful joy of eternal life which he (the devil) can never experience again. Satan is aware, that as their lives become unfit for the heavenly city, their souls are only made deserving of the wrath and destruction of God. Isaiah 13:9 declares: “Behold the day of Yahweh cometh and both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.”

Undoubtedly, those who will their service to the enemy in these last days expose themselves to be shaken up by the seven last plagues of Yahweh. Shall you not see people and turn from sin? Give up your evil and confess your sins before Christ so that you will be flushed by the salvation of God. Live by the commandments of Yahweh in the faith (word of Christ) in order to inherit the new earth where no frustration, pain or struggle stains the atmosphere. Indeed, the horrible and empty service to the devil has not this beautiful prize to offer!

Mbeki Swift