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Please applaud the people’s compassionate Comrade


Tue, Jan 24. 2012

Editor: Loud and sustained applause erupted and rang out as the people’s compassionate captain, Comrade presented and unveiled the 2012 budget.{{more}}

It was a truely magnificent performance – the people got all that they wanted and now they can go rejoicing!

This most compassionate leader preceded his goodie-laden budget with a 15-25% increase of cooking gas. Desert was added to that by cutting salaries which were legislated and projected for 2009 – 2011 – and freezing the new salary cycle, which should have commenced this year.

Then came the moment we all awaited!!! House Tax has graduated – moved up by thousands of percentage in some cases, compared to what was previously paid. Water, he said, will also rise/soar and more items, instead of being zero-rated, are now VAT exempt. We must all give the kind-hearted and reasonable leader a standing ovation!!! He is truly a man of conscience and is the best thing we’ve ever seen! We wonder what life will be like had God not given him to us!

His compassion and good heartedness fail not! Last year, he ‘neglected’ spraying the farmers’ banana fields and Black Sigatoka ravaged them. They made noise for compensation and he gave them a few dollars. Their bananas and plantain fields are mostly dead, struggling and most farmers haven’t a dime to survive. Rural and urban businesses have gotten a serious economic blow from this modernized love and care from the dear leader.

However, to assist these poor farmers, and families who have no income, and really no outcome, he brings new water rates, new, high and colourful house and land taxes, plus a range of other ‘noggin’ up! He’s really the best we have had! Most revered, most compassionate, most caring! None like unto him!!!

All Vincentians must stand and take a bow! When a leader forces to give you 4% he owed you, due to ‘last meal strategy’, puts on hold your 3% he has for you – then increases cooking gas which you use daily, by 15-25%, water (daily) by whatever percent, land tax by thousands of percent in most cases, he must be special! Extra-ordinarily great! Deserves continuous applause and bowing to!

Editor, let’s all stand and give a rousing chant for our great and dear leader for presenting this all exciting and fulfilling people’s budget-full of good things for us all!

Let’s savour it! The best that we ever had!

Otto Sam