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Let’s return to the God of our forefathers


Fri, Jan 20. 2012

Editor: Time flies real fast. We are already close to the end of the first month in 2012. Not only is time moving swiftly, but so are our lives. It is sad that many are living as though they would live forever.{{more}} This we know is not true, thus the need to be prepared for when our time comes to leave this world.

As we realize, this year would not be an easy one for us. The words of the national anthem hold true when it says: “What e’er the future brings our faith will see us through.” With so many things happening around us, crimes, economic problems and social problems, it takes faith to make it.

As a result, we need to return to the God of our forefathers who served him faithfully. We need to let faith take us through the difficult times. It is an error for any one of us to think that politicians, as genuine as some are, can really make this world better. It, therefore, requires that all hands be on deck, that we as Vincentians work together as one.

I recommend that we not only work together as one, but live peaceably with all men, by realizing we are all God’s hand made.

Indeed, when we are faced with various challenges, including financial, social, and even domestic problems, we let our faith in God see us through. Gone are the days when lives were considered sacred. Gone are the days when love was seen around us. We have lost faith in God.

For us to let faith take us through, we first have to put our faith in him. We can indeed be instruments of change if we as a people put our faith in the one who can save us and then live our lives by faith. So that whatever the future holds, our faith will see us through. Let us appreciate the national anthem and let us know it by heart. For indeed it will take our faith to see us through these rough times.

Kennard King