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Time to think at a higher level


Tue, Jan 10. 2012

Editor: We are now into 2012 and I think it is time that we begin thinking at a higher level. This everyday way of thinking just would not do. Everything that is developed begins with a thought; therefore if we think at a higher level, then we would certainly develop things of a higher standard.{{more}} However, every time someone mentions thinking at a higher level some persons associate it with the mystical world. Though this may not be absolutely wrong, the problem is that many associate mysticism with something negative.

Mysticism simply involves the use and development of intuitive skills. Many of the developments made were as a result of the use of the intuitive ability of persons. We ought to understand that we are mind, body and spirit. Each of these components has a particular role to play in our daily lives. Intuition is mostly handled by the spirit because it is this part of us that interacts with the universe. We often think that we are all independent, but this is not so. The fact is we are all inter-dependent and inter-connected. This world is much more than what we see with our eyes or what we read in the bible. In fact, persons at the very high level in some religious orders use bibles that contain more books than the ones commonly used. It is some of this information that has been removed, fearing that the average person would be in possession of too much knowledge, hence having too much capability.

If a significant percentage of our people do not develop their intuitive skills, we would find progress hard to come by. It pains me personally when I see so many of our citizens who went on to institutions of higher learning only to return and are still waiting for the return of Christ. I was looking at a documentary on television and it stated that less than five per cent of the scientists in a particular field actually believe in God. It is not that I support their belief, but it actually shows the different level of reasoning. My position is that if someone believes that we were created by God and we were given all these components we must seek to develop them. Our spirit is crucial in our everyday safety but we do not allow it to play its role. We can be a true servant of God only when our spirits are well developed.