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Leeward roads crying out for repair!


Tue, Jan 10. 2012

Editor: Recently I took a long drive on the Windward side of the island. How I kept saying to myself that I wished all the roads in St Vincent were like them, so comforting, a smooth ride indeed.{{more}}

The roads on the Leeward side are quite a contrast. I applaud the efforts made in recent times in repairing certain roads, such as Layou, though some parts of it could have been done better for a smoother ride. There are massive potholes in Rillan, Questelles, and Lowmans Leeward. There are some other large, dangerous potholes elsewhere such as in Rose Bank and in a number of areas in Chateaubelair.

These roads are crying out for repair for quite some time now. I am therefore calling on the relevant authorities to please do something to effect proper repairs on the appropriate areas on the Leeward roads. It’s awfully time enough now.

Simeon James