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SPIRITUAL WAR – Against whom?


Fri, Jan 6. 2011

Editor: I am an avid supporter of the Spiritual Baptists in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for several years; but, until recent times, there has been cause for more than just “concerns”. For example, there was a time, when in the sufferings of Job where he mourned; yet, blessed God. And, in that instance, he said:

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”.{{more}}

My first question here is: Is someone in the Spiritual Baptist congregation in this Blessed land playing “Lord over the flock of God”?

My second question is: What has been or is happening with this august body from the period 1983 onwards to the current time?

Each year, I make every effort to obtain a copy of our local papers to get a firsthand glimpse of the Christmas Message coming from this faith (even though I belong to another religious body) and never before have I seen more than one message coming from the one and same body at the same time. I realize that there are well-schooled members in this eminent body, but exactly what kind of message are we receiving at a time when we preach peace and unity? What are we to believe? Is the writing on the wall or someone trying to prove something to the wider world? Indeed, it is more than appalling.

First, due respect is given to the Patriarch of the faith (Archdiocese), but we did not have a Christmas message when he was in office as Archbishop; and, now the “Female Patriarch” (I beg your pardon) – perhaps it was a “misprint” to put the “Personal Secretary” to correct the flaw! On the other hand, where in the world does anyone hear of a “junior officer” being authorized to send a message in the “name of a recognized body”- how indisciplined!

From all understanding, the message from any organized body should come from the “head” of that body or someone assigned to do so; so, the message coming from the Archbishop of the faith (Archdiocese) was most appropriate. Giving up one’s birthright to another and fighting to regain control by devious or controlled means speaks volumes and with the country in such instability with crimes and violence set a precedence among the citizens of the State. The fight for position and power in this dignified body seems to be the norm of the day. The new Archbishop now must do as King David did – refuse the armor of King Saul and put on the “whole armor of God”; for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. After all, the crowd that hoorayed for Jesus through the streets of Jerusalem were some of the first to say “crucify him” on that fateful day.

Recently, it was believed that the Spiritual Baptists in this good land of St. Vincent and the Grenadines now boast of having a “Spiritual Baptist Pope”- how cynical! I would hope that the individual with that endowment fulfills every aspect of that position not only with his fellow citizens but with the Eternal Father from whom cometh every good thing! The Vineyard (authority) was given to a younger person (Archbishop) but did the Patriarch overlook its prospect and allow some unlearned individual to coerce him into believing that he can be both Patriarch and Archbishop in the same place and time? The evidence is clear to the perpetrated sources, and the ambiguous sentiments echoed throughout this blessed land must not be taken lightly. We now need to have an “Elijah”, with Supporters like me and the Christian Families in Christ, to put things back in place.

I would hope that as the New Year is here that the eyes of those called to serve will give way to the authorities to allow the visions and aspirations of their founders to come to reality.

Concerned Supporter