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CHRISTmas or PaganMAS?


Fri, Dec 30. 2011

Editor: Christianity was cradled from a lowly stable in the city of Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. Indeed, Christmas was first observed by early Christians and Jews to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. The 25th day of December was subsequently decreed as the day to commemorate the birth of the Messiah. It was a day when Christians the world over paid homage to a man who offered Himself as the Sacrificial Lamb.{{more}} Alas, the paradigm has since shifted after Satan was allowed to infiltrate Christian domain and replace religious practices with secular activities.

Christians stood “on holy grounds” as the Fallen One manipulated a secular world, driven by the greed of capitalism – into transform this hollowed Christian holiday into a pagan festival. The season of Advent has since become a bonanza for merchants who craftily transform their gullible clientèle into commercial zombies, whipping them into a state of shopping frenzy. Christ has since been replaced by Santa Claus who is instigated by Satan to prey on the impressionable minds of children. The iconic Manger Scene has been replaced by Christmas trees/adornments and lights. Similarly, the traditional Christmas carols that encapsulate Christ’s birth have been unceremoniously replaced with “carols” that promote paganism, alcoholism, gluttony and sex.

Why should Santa be allowed to occupy the highest place of prominence instead of Christ, the reason for the season? Are children fully aware that Christmas is about Christ who was born in a manger and NOT about a capitalist icon who wiggles down chimneys, sharing gifts to good boys and girls? What is Christ-like about the over-indulgence in alcohol, the gluttonous consumption of ham and red meat and the promotion of paganism and sex? How contradictory are our practices to Christ who was a partial vegetarian (he ate fish), a non-alcoholic and a God-fearing Saint! The Yuletide season is further tainted by secularism as house cleaning and interior decorating take centre-stage, transforming the landscape and pitting housewives in grudge rivalries.

Like technological devices, commercialism has pre-conditioned our minds to activate to time and season. This human conditioning is injected in cosmetic minds to observe specific pagan days like Valentine’s, Carnival, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the observance of Christmas has been relegated to the same secular significance, as year round animosity switches into friendship mode. Incredibly, during this period of human hypocrisy, adversaries seek atonement by shopping beyond their means to entertain persons they dislike throughout the year! It is no surprise that this cosmetic gesture doesn’t last, since in essence CHRIST is NOT in it!

Unlike Christmas, it is imperative to note that Ramadan (Muslims) and Diwali/Dipawali (Hindus) have escaped the ravenous clutches of capitalism. The difference being that Muslims and Hindus are able to sustain their religious practices and beliefs by genuinely upholding the main tenets of their Faiths. Conversely, Christian societies have been guilty of exalting material wealth/possessions and political leaders to god-like status. It must be noted that many of these leaders are the beneficiaries of many capitalist enterprises. This has made it easy for Satan to infiltrate Christianity, high jack Christmas and parade with Santa and his other capitalist marauders throughout the period of advent. Isn’t it abominably obvious that idolatry has deviated us from observing the original intent of Christmas?

As we enter a new year, let us reaffirm our Faith by reserving a period for introspection. Let us renew Christian commitments – be our brother’s keeper, protect the weak and vulnerable and be tolerant of each others’ views. By focusing on Christ, let us reintroduce the Biblical form of morality in order to heal our society of the myriad of social ills that have been infecting our land. The onus is on us as a Christian society to bring back reverence to Christmas, the Period of Advent and discourage commercialism from its heretic practice of selling paganism at Christ’s expense. A concerted effort must also be made to recapture the children from Santa by devising creative paediatric means of stimulating the message of Christ’s birth among children.

No more must Satan/Santa be invited into this hollowed period of Christianity. Remember, the birth of Christ simultaneously initiated the observance of Christmas and gave rise to Christianity. Next year’s Christmas goal should, therefore, be to reinstate Christ as the only reason for the season!!!

Collin CA$H Haywood