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Who is Ernesto Cooke?


Fri, Dec 20. 2011

Editor: About three months before the December 13, 2010 general elections, Ernesto Cooke, news announcer on WE FM Radio, approached Prime Minister Gonsalves and sought to be the ULP candidate for the constituency of South Leeward. At the time, nominations for the ULP in that constituency had not yet taken place.{{more}}

Dr Gonsalves advised Cooke to go into the constituency and gauge his support. For a full two weeks, Cooke made daily announcements on radio (WEFM) inviting area residents to attend a session with him at the Campden Park playing field. On the day of the session, Cooke spent several hours at the playing field waiting for the area folks to come out. In the end, some seven persons turned out. Five of them to heckle Cooke and the other two to wish him well. That was the end of Cooke’s bid for the SL seat on a ULP ticket. Senator David Browne was nominated shortly after by the ULP.

Just days before Browne’s nomination, Cooke declared on WEFM radio that he will run for either the ULP or NDP if nominated.

Shortly after, Cooke’s voice was silenced on WE FM. When I called the radio station to inquire, I was told he took a month’s leave to accompany his father to the USA to seek medical attention. I later learned that Cooke was let go by WEFM management.

During the last election campaign, Cooke surfaced on Nice Radio, bashing Gonsalves, whom he had so often praised on WE FM as an outstanding leader. He completed the cross walk from ULP to NDP.

As was the case so many times before, with Matthew Thomas, Junior Bacchus and Anesia Baptiste, the NDP embraced another disgruntled supporter of the ULP. Like Anesia Baptiste, Cooke wanted instant power within the leadership of the NDP. It is said he was promised the position of Press Secretary if Eustace becomes Prime Minister.

It is alleged that Cooke’s bid for the party’s PR position was supported by the Eustace faction at the recent party convention. Cooke soundly whipped Senator Vynnette Frederick – 171 votes to 100 – to become PRO of the NDP. The position Frederick held for almost seven years.

Only days later, Cooke replaced EG Lynch as host of the NDP “New Times” programme on Nice Radio.

About two weeks ago, Ernesto announced a demonstration to take place in Kingstown on Friday, December 9. Days later, following what appeared to be infighting within the ranks of the NDP on the issue, Cooke (and others) announced that the demonstration would be put off until Monday, December 12, to allow for collaboration with other groups. Concerned Citizens Movement, headed by Junior Bacchus, was announced in a media release to be the main organisers.

Apparently, Cooke got the idea for his demonstration after reading a post on FaceBook suggesting it was time for citizens in SVG to rise up against crime.

It was also said that Leacock was diametrically opposed to the demonstration. He (Leacock) flexed his muscles – even threatening to pull the plug on his leader – had the party called in a known political prostitute and opportunist to organise the demonstration, now changed to take the form of a PICK- IT.

The Picket was indeed held. It attracted fewer than five persons and 45 placards used to decorate the street outside the Ministry of National Security.

Interestingly enough, only one member of the NDP showed up. It was not PRO Cooke, the man who initiated the picket. It is said that Junior Bacchus never even bothered to drop by to say hello to lone- ranger Patches Knights. Bacchus claimed to be at home feeling sick.

It is quite clear, to even the most casual observer, that the people of SVG refuse to be mobilised or led by the likes of Junior Bacchus, Ernesto Cooke and Patches Knights, in any attempted action against the Ralph Gonsalves government.

So, here it is, “my dear people”, De Cookie, in his official capacity as NDP PRO, assisted the Con-cerned Citi-zen Move-men in handing the NDP its fifth consecutive demon-stray-shun failure within a calendar year.

De Cookie is well on his way to nowhere in the NDP. He will never be given the nomination he now seeks as candidate for the Central Leeward constituency.

De Cookie needs to be reminded of two very important words in the field of politics – loyalty and philosophy.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.