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Keep on improving, SEARCHLIGHT


Fri, Dec 16. 2011

Editor: I must first of all congratulate SEARCHLIGHT NEWSPAPER in making the effort to be investigative in some of its reporting. Keep on improving, SEARCHLIGHT.{{more}}

As we approach the Christmas Day, we recognize that robbery will increase. Some measures I know are being taken by business places and private homes, and other institutions. However, robbery is still taking place. The sad thing is that when robbery and other crimes are committed, the persons many times are not caught, and if they are, they are sometimes set free for lack of evidence.

I strongly recommend that businesses, ministries, and, if possible, homes install surveillance cameras. This will not eradicate the crime, but it will help in catching the criminal and also will help to deter persons since they are conscious of the fact that they will be seen. I realize it is an expensive device but it is worth the investment. For example when the financial complex was on fire, this camera would have helped in the investigation.

As we count down to Christmas, let us be vigilant and sober so as to avoid the possibility of being robbed. Also, let us increase our security. It is my prayer that we will not have to go through the agony of being robbed, but that those who are bent on committing crimes be caught and brought to justice.

Kennard King