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Time To Stand Against Crime and Violence


by Dillon Ollivierre Tue, Dec 13. 2011

Time to stand!

Time to counteract the crime and violence which seem to hold our country at ransom
Time to unite in numbers, time to replace the negativity with positivity
Time to join forces with visionaries like Nailah John and Shari Osborne,{{more}}

Time to save our country
Time to stand together against crime and violence
Time to end the silence!
Another one gone this morning
A brother brutalized this evening

My sister has gone missing
Mothers and fathers are stressing
Crime and violence continue to escalate
The image of a beautiful S.V.G these perpetrators penetrate.

Stop! Before you decide to stand or not walk in the shoes of those who suffer
How would you feel if you lost your daughter?
How would you feel if someone endangered the life of your sister?
How would you feel if someone brutalized your brother or father?

How would you feel if it all happened before your eyes ?
I ask again how would you feel if it all happened before your eyes?
Vincentians let us stand united as one
With the theme ‘together as one we can”

Let us stand regardless of political affiliation
Let us stand as we exceed our very own limitations
Let us combat the negativity that flows like a river within our country
Let us replace the hate with love, let us rebuild our country

I, Dillon Ollivierre, am taking a stand
Extending my hand
Friends and family we must stand together as one
Supporters of my poetry, supporters of a better S.V.G, we must stand together as one

Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Opposition Leader the time is now for a joint effort, please I beg you! Together as one we can!