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Let us be more caring this Christmas season


Tue, Dec 13. 2011

Editor: It is the Christmas season, once again, and many are preoccupied with cleaning, painting and shopping. We no longer pay attention to the reason for the season. This is the time that we should reflect on the life it is claimed that Christ lived.{{more}} We have become so selfish that it makes very little sense celebrating Christmas. We no longer care about the less fortunate around us.

Very often, when we speak about the less fortunate, we often think about the poor. However, there are those who are challenged in one way or the other. Also there are those who have laid the foundation for us and no longer blessed with the physical strength. We ought to pay special attention to the elderly. Neither should we forget those who are institutionalized. We often think that our burden is the greatest, but there is always someone with greater troubles than us. However, we must not allow our troubles to take hold of our subconscious, because if it only takes root there, we would never be able to develop the will to overcome them.

We must not forget that we are living in challenging economic times, which calls for prudence. In addition, we must pay attention to the kind of gifts that we purchase for our kids. We tend to get caught up with toys, but a book should be given along with that toy. Our children simply do not read enough: therefore, their ability to reason is very limited. This problem appears to be more serious among boys. We have to begin training minds from a very early age.

Finally, we should not follow others and purchase things we do not need or cannot afford. Most importantly, we must not consider ourselves to be poor when we do not possess things that others do. We must try to be positive about our lives and should always carry the determination and the belief that we can create a better life for ourselves. One can be born into poverty, but it is only your mind that can keep you there.