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Is mum the word?


Tue, Dec 13. 2011

Editor: I am beginning to feel that we have a bunch of “mouth champs” leading the countries in CARICOM. They are all – every last one of them – afraid of the US government.{{more}}

Look at the Castro/Trinidad and Tobago Hilton issue. Not one of them has, thus far, issued a statement, as Prime Minister of their respective countries or as A LEADER IN CARICOM, to condemn this American bullying and attempt at colonisation of the Caribbean.

And to think of it: a “BLACK MAN”(?) is the President of the USA.

Since taking office, President Obama has made no effort to address this dotish Helms-Burton Act, which oppresses our brothers and sisters in Cuba.

Kamla should be ashamed of herself for not standing up to the US on this issue. And the other CARICOM leaders should also feel the same way for not speaking out.

Is MUM the word?

The Caribbean countries are not colonies of the United States of America.


Angry as we all might be at the LIAT pilots for staging their “sick-out”, those who try to make political hay of this dotish action of the so-called pilots’ association, should remember one thing: until there is an alternative air carrier to properly serve Vincentian air travellers, we will have to live with LIAT… at least until Argyle International Airport is operational.

More the reason to forget silly partisan politics and rally behind the government, as they work out the LIAT mess and complete Argyle.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.