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SVG, please wake up!


Fri, Dec 9. 2011

Editor: Let me say something about the continuing and escalating violence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

I refuse to participate in the “blame game”. The issue here is not who or what is responsible for the situation, but rather how are we gonna fix it. I don’t care who says that by exposing it publicly we are sending a negative message to the outside world. The truth is: by not facing it head on we are speedily destroying Hairouna.

The Government can only do but so much, regardless of which party is in power. The police cannot be everywhere – everytime (I am not suggesting that the Government and police are doing their best).

The ultimate responsibility for the reclamation of the country lies in the hands of all its citizens. If you see something, say

something. Watch each other’s back in order to reduce the fear among you. Be your brother’s keeper.

Rather than criticise and condemn the authorities, try to help them (after all, a large percentage of them are under-trained and ill-equipped to deal with the mounting lawlessness). WE ARE A NATION UNDER SIEGE BY OUR OWN PEOPLE. Our enemies are walking in our streets, eating in our restaurants, drinking in our bars, riding in our cars and vans, and even sleeping in our beds. Wake up, sweet SVG. FOR GOD’S SAKE,AND YOUR CHILDRENS’ SAKE, I’M BEGGING YOU TO WAKE UP.

Junior ‘Soca’ Jones