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It is not too late to reduce the crimes


Fri, Dec 9. 2011

Editor: The continued rise in crime and murder has raised the discussion on what can be done to improve this situation and minimize the crimes. It is quite naïve to say the least, to think that any government by itself can solve the crimes of any nation. Also it is immature of any individual to think that crimes will be eliminated; there will always be crimes as long as we are living on this earth.{{more}}

However, if we as a people are serious about minimizing the crimes, it requires the combined effort of all of us. To reduce crimes, the home must play an important role in the sense that good discipline and role models must be exhibited and demonstrated from the home. Many homes lack the guidance that is necessary to mould the young lives into someone respectable and disciplined. Thus the crimes are a reflection of the poor homes that we have. Tell me how a teenaged girl who becomes a mother can effectively train her child when she herself is not mature? So no wonder some of these criminals are from teenaged mothers and also single parents.

The community must play a part in reducing crimes, by adopting an atmosphere of togetherness and love. Gone are the days when each one looks out for one another and shares whatever they had with their next door neighbor. Our communities need to erase the selfishness and hatred and adopt a stance of love and caring for each other. The community needs to have role models where the younger ones are influenced positively by the example of older ones and where positiveness is seen and not negativeness and hatred.

The church needs to play its part also by increasing its message of God’s love to mankind and winning souls for his kingdom. The church needs to be more involved in outreach, and also not forgetting the power of prayer, where the church prays for and with persons.

The media has to change its focus. Rather than focusing in some areas on the negative things in society, the pull down and utterances of anger and hatred, they need to educate persons in positive way through articles, music and also discussions. After all, they are powerful persons who influence the young minds.

Many times, the movies that are shown on television and sold on the streets are sometimes violent and offer nothing positive. The music also needs to be more positive and not promote sex and violence. It would be a nice thing if all stations could play positive music, and also gospel music. The homes also need to promote positive and godly music.

Much more can be said. However, if all of us should put aside our political differences and work together as one, if all of us show love and care for one another and at the same become positive examples for others, then we can have a reduction in crimes.

It is not too late to reduce the crimes. We can start by choosing wisely our friends and those with whom we go into a relationship and, most important, if we all would live together as one people who love the Lord and serve him then we will see a big reduction in crimes of various kinds.

Thank you.

Kennard King