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Schools should be taught about club, player, team development


Tue, Dec 6. 2011

Editor: Some of what I wrote about players and teams has already been put into practice, but unorganized or not, the sooner players practice by instruction and under the supervision of a coach, their performance will improve.{{more}}

However, those who are in charge would not decide to become knowledgeable about sport development to help develop the players. They are afraid of losing authority; most owners and administrators are also the obstacles in the development of soccer.

If some owners, godfathers and administrators only decide to stop helping teams with their registration and uniforms, the team collapses. So, are there other motives than developing the players and the sport?

What comes to mind immediately are these suggestions:(1) the Sport Division should prepare and organize a program on the radio or television to educate the public, on the topic of club, player and team development. (2) Schools should be taught specifically about club, player and team development.

Let’s not put that burden on sports executives; they have not done it before and it is not their agenda; let them continue with what they can do, having competitions.

If this educational program can materialize in 2012, in less than three years, sport in SVG will be on the road to development. Why? The sport division will be educating and enhancing those adults presently active and the schools will be developing the future. As soon as pupils are out of school, they will be able to join a club and also take the place of anyone and continue that development process. This program is not expensive; there are resources right here in SVG. We do not need a lobbyist to sell this program!!

Sport will then have more knowledgeable players, spectators and sponsors. Think for a moment and tell me if I am wrong, so I can think again. My articles are to inform you, make you aware, knowledgeable, encourage and motivate you. It’s not for you to love or to hate me more or less. Now, if we continue with persons who are not knowledgeable about the sport’s process of development in authority, we will be at this position forever.

Well, CXC results finally forced those in authority to recognize that the pupils of primary schools need better preparation if they are to perform well in both education and sports at secondary schools, CXC, universities and when representing their clubs and SVG.

In 2012, the education revolution policy must be developed to suit our people’s abilities and we should also see a Bureau of Standards for teachers and coaches. You too are also tired of hearing “Sports is an integral part of our lives”, making speeches and using words of development and not carrying out its process.

Martin Luther King had a dream; Vincentians’ sport dreams need to be realized and start developing. Now that all can recognize that an airport is being built, make room in your New Year wishes to contribute, for you, your children and their children will benefit.

Have faith, the world will find a solution in 2012 to end this economic pressure. So, have a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2012.

Rollit Walrond