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ULP/Gonsalves’ Administration – A moral liability?


Fri, Dec 2. 2011

Editor: Very few persons can deny that this Unity Labour Party has done a number of good things in this country. The training of our teachers and citizens at the post secondary level has been a revelation.{{more}} The people north of the Rabacca Dry River and all Vincentians are also proud of the bridge and the efforts to build an international airport (with its obvious drawbacks) – the initiatives to care for the poor and elderly, and the YES Programme, with all their weaknesses, are pleasant memories of this ULP regime.

However, this party, this government, this leader and this administration have lost their way – have become morally bankrupt and are a moral liability to all of us and the state of SVG.

Editor, did any of us ever think that in the heart of an economic crisis spanning four years, a government, headed by our (once) principled, militant, and caring Dr Gonsalves of the 70s, 80s, and 90s will close down Bigger Biggs plant, putting dozens of vulnerable families and households, including ‘children of the education revolution,’ out of bread?

Another case in point relative to the dormancy of this administration’s morals. Did any of us ever think that a Government headed by our great son of the Caribbean Civilisation, a former defender of the rights of trampled people, would reinstate three convicted criminals into the SVG Police Constabulary or Police Force? Isn’t this government decayed to its core? Where is the morality?

A few weeks ago, Searchlight reprinted the outcry when DJ, an alleged attempted murderer, was beaten by police in Layou. The paper recounted or reminded us that not just were the officers directly involved in the beating forced to resign, but most important, the senior officers in-charge of the station had to exit the Police Force. They were forced to resign! That was under the ‘corrupt’ Mitchell regime! Today, under our champion of right and integrity, a student and pioneer of our civilisation, three convicted criminals/called police were reinstated into the Force. Not with Gonsalves as United People’s Movement or MNU or an unelected ULP Leader, but with the good Doctor as Minister of National Security and Prime Minister! Where is our moral sense of right and wrong? Have we become so morally numb?

Editor, I am putting to you and fellow citizens that if this had happened when Gonsalves was in Opposition, it would have sparked some of the biggest protests in the town! My concern is how do people look at us – the Vincentian component of the Caribbean Civilisation? Isn’t this government a moral liability? Aren’t the people of the world judging us by our demonstration? What we display to them? How sad.

Our morality also took a severe beating with the article recently published in the Toronto Star. Most persons focussed on the refugee situation and the possible fall-out from it. However, what was more damming to our identity, self esteem and self respect was the revelation that the United Nations/UN is aware that our incidents of rape are nearly top in the world, but most damaging was the printed information that our Prime Minister has also been accused of sexual assault, not once, but twice. Isn’t that damming? Where does that place us? Who are we? What does it say about us?

Another example of this administration’s moral decadence or the inability to discern wrong from right is the dishonouring of the Teachers’ Union Collective Agreement. How can a government sign a document which stipulates its own policy and practice – A document which correctly presents the actions and intentions of the government – A document approved by its Cabinet of which a champion of the working class is the Chairman – A document signed by no less a person and office of the Honourable Prime Minister, then turn around and refuse to honour it? Where is the moral fabric, the moral blanket that drew us to Dr Gonsalves in the 70s, 80s, and 90s? Where is the moral component of the Doctor which called corruption wrong! Called greed wrong! Called police brutality wrong and represented victims! Called for Integrity Legislation to help curb and stamp out these immoral practices? Is it the same Gonsalves in charge now? Was it genuine or a safe route to power? Sir, this administration has lost its way and is morally bankrupt!

Finally, to think of the decaying or decayed moral among the administration is bad! But what is worse is that everyone seems to enjoy the new ‘morality’! Who is telling the great valiant – the great commander in chief to dip in the Jordan? Who will tell the King that he is wrong and if we don’t change, turn, repent, we will continue to suffer? To say to the King ‘this is wrong’ is to risk the “Nic Evans response’! Fellow citizens, SVG will be here, God’s willing, long after Gonsalves, ULP and the other political operators! We need to intervene, take the afflictions and the percutions, which are really temporary and re-chart our moral standards! Our morale has gone further than to the dogs, and this administration is certainly a moral liability.

Otto Sam