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Questions, answers about cocoa projects


Fri, Dec 2. 2011


Q1. What is this cocoa company, Armajaro Trading Ltd. (ATL)?

A1. ATL is a large company that is based in Mayfair, England. It buys cocoa beans and stores them and sells them over to other companies which will manufacture new products from the beans.{{more}}

Q2. How much cocoa does Armajaro grow?

A2. None!

Q3. How much cocoa does Armajaro process into chocolate and other products?

A3. None!

Q4. So, although Armajaro never produced cocoa before, they think that all they have to do is talk to Sir James Mitchell, then talk to Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, and they can come tell farmers how to cultivate cocoa?

A4. It seems that our two (2) leaders give them the power.

Q5. How many years since we have been planting cocoa in SVG?

A5. 300 years.

Q6. What business tactics, or due diligence, did government undertake before signing with Armajaro (ATL), e.g. how many other companies did they check out for a better deal? Or, was even WINFRESH, with its facilities and potential to market our cocoa products, considered?

A6. It’s just Armajaro, Armajaro, Armajaro that Dr. Gonsalves is talking about. Nothing else; but the Winfresh idea seems good.

Q7. Farmers need to know about it. Do you not feel that farmers need to meet and discuss this cocoa, and how we can take it forward?

A7. Yes, we have to talk. Listen out for a meeting next week on the 7th or 8th December. We will have a good talk then and develop a way forward.

Oscar Allen,
The Cocoa Group.