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A call for peace here in SVG


Fri, Dec 2. 2011

Editor: We are witnessing a high rate of criminal activities in this our blessed land. Although it is rising, it is not as high as many countries in the world. This country is still a peaceful country.{{more}}

We know there are many factors that contribute to the high rise in crimes in this country. However, there are some important considerations to take on board as we look at the causes of crimes, including rape and murder, and even violence against women. It is my belief that persons take matters into their hands because they feel they do not get justice from the law. It is not that the justice system is so bad, for most of the times it is good, and many of us have confidence in it. However, justice is seemed not to have been done when we consider that criminals get away on technicalities sometimes or lack of evidence. This makes the victim’s relatives and friends angry and so can trigger off revenge which results many times in death.

We know that lawyers are there to represent persons and win cases. It can sometimes be vexing when someone who has been found guilty by the court appeals the conviction on the basis of insanity. Thus, although he is guilty, he is not held responsible for the life he took, and no one is held responsible. Then tell me how can the victims’ relatives live with such a situation? It sure is not right to take matters into your hands and seek revenge, but rather to leave it in God’s hand. However, we have to be conscious of the fact that this has caused many to commit murders.

Sometimes, the killer gets away because he has been acquitted due sometimes to poor investigation by the investigation team and also failure of some people to come forward to give evidence. Thus many see the courts as wasting time, and they rather take matters into their hands.

In the case of domestic violence, I totally condemn it. However let us be realistic. Many men have been hurt by ladies, and for them, there is little or no redress since as a man he will be laughed at if he complains. Thus he takes matter into his hands, thinking that he is proving himself a man. Similarly, we know that the courts many times favors the ladies in the case of domestic disputes and sexual offences. So rather than allowing the courts to deal with whatever dispute there is and also allowing justice to take its course, many men resort to violence because for them it is a waste of time seeking justice.

Let me encourage everyone to resort to forgiveness and let justice be done. We know lawyers have their jobs to perform and would seek to do their best to win cases, but seriously, many lawyers have a lot to tell GOD. They have caused many criminals to be freed and continue their ways. I know there are many lawyers who are not amongst those I just mentioned.

Let us keep this blessed land of ours peaceful and God fearing.

Kennard King