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It is important for our children to be confident


Tue, Nov 29, 2010

Editor: The confidence of an individual more often than not determines his or her success in life. Someone who is confident and of high self-esteem is less likely to be exploited by others.{{more}} We must, therefore, try our utmost to ensure that our children grow up as confident as possible and most importantly, hold themselves in high regard.

As parents, we ought to take time to observe the way our children are growing up. If they do not have high self-esteem, appropriate action has to be taken in order to correct this. It would not happen overnight, but continuous measures have to be taken.

Children can gain confidence from sports and educational achievements, among other things, but most of their confidence comes from the way they are treated at home. Parents have a tendency to take out their problems on their children, very often unnoticed by the parents themselves. Parents sometimes ill-treat a child after separating from the other parent and these things take a psychological toll on the children. We often forget that they would not always remain children and these problems often manifest themselves in the adult. That is why we have so many issues of crime and abuse.

As a people, we have to become more responsible. Why are so many young ladies getting pregnant? Many are not prepared for the responsibility, hence they are unable to bring up a child in the proper way. Parents must spend much more time speaking to their children, both boys and girls. It is much more critical for the girls because they are the ones left with the responsibility of taking care of that child. Added to this, many young men do not want to settle with young ladies who already have kids, even though they themselves may have kids with other young ladies. These are things that young ladies must take into consideration, because they are placing themselves at a disadvantage. When this happens, many young ladies lose their confidence and may open themselves up for exploitation.

In the final analysis, we must all be more caring of one another. Everyone wants to be happy but we must not attempt to exploit others. One of our greatest problems is that we have attached too much importance to material things, when most of our emphasis should be on spiritual development and the acquisition of knowledge. We must not forget that a society is the summation of the people.