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Education on the move in SVG!


Fri, Nov 25. 2011

Editor: The perception of education in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has been growing and continuing successfully across the country with the principality of the Universal Access to Secondary Education. My name is Shemroy Roberts and I am a second year student at the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Technical and Vocational Education.{{more}}

The movement towards Human Development in our society today has been a substantial demand as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was or has been ranked 85th on the U.N charts of High Human Development, among other Caribbean countries, with Barbados at the top of all Caribbean members. Today the government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has met the basic criteria in order to equip students and adults with the knowledge to further enhance critical thinking and Human Development simultaneously and equally, especially with the youths of our nation. The government which had recognized the brain activity of the students of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines all started at the year 2005, the “Education Revolution”.

Today in our society, we have seen the national development drastically across the roads and, most of all, the “Education System”. As a past student of the Dr JP Eustace Memorial Secondary School, statistics have shown that the CSEC results at the 2010 sitting of the examinations increased or improved significantly with the Buccament Secondary School, the West St. George Secondary School and the Thomas Saunders Secondary School sitting the CSEC examinations in 2009/2010 for the first time and they have done pretty awesome with the results received. Today, it continues, but, do you know what it does? It provides positive feedback to the Education Revolution and it provides more sensuality to the other students’ demands pointing out that “they can achieve what the others have achieved.” It basically says “competition”. Just to note, students who had sat the examinations in 2009 at the West St. George Secondary and the Buccament Secondary in 2010 were persons who had failed to meet the standard qualifications or the basic requirements to access secondary education, but, due to the process of the Education Revolution, they now stand proud, head tall and are now furthering their studies at an University or at the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

If it were not for the education revolution, my friends, where would those persons or students have been today? On the streets, teenaged mothers, or even behind bars etc. Not to mention the scholarships funded by the government with our national scholars as well all adding up to the free movement of people. Awesome, isn’t it? But, are they being recognized for their achievements? Are the students at the Division of Technical and Vocational Education and the Division of Nursing being recognized as national scholars, too?

The Human Development again is growing, the one laptop per child initiative, the access to early childhood education and the adult continuing education. Success! Success! Success! In today’s modern society, technology is on board, tourism is on board, and the critical thinking is on board as well. But, what is the government or the ministry of education”s next big step?

Do you know that the previous government has played or contributed an interesting role to the education system as well? The process in which students had to meet the basic requirements has been heard loud and clear. I know the reason why the previous government has implemented that strategy, but do you? It’s because they wanted to know the facts, the facts to know if the education the students were receiving was obtained or adopted what has been transferred from teacher to student is successfully receivable or you can simply say , if the child is ‘LEARNING”.

We must all acknowledge that the government had done so much in infrastructure development with the construction of brand new secondary schools and the refurbishing of others. This is to ensure that the learning environment in which students receive or access the education is more advanced and comfortable and is fixed for the proper transformation of the education being taught. Now! Students at the age of 11 can access secondary education.

My people, we need to recognize and appreciate the changes taking place. These developments are enhancing the education revolution, critical thinking and, most of all, the “Human Development”. What is your next step? What are you going to do to contribute? What do you think is needed of you? Think critically and let education prevail in our society!

Shemroy Roberts
Student, SVG Technical and Vocational Institution