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Take note of your energy


Tue, Nov 22. 2011

Editor: Last week was recognized as Energy Week and persons were reminded of the sources of energy, the effect on the environment and the need to conserve.{{more}}

This is important in light of the cost and the fact that most of our energy is produced by the use of fossil fuel, which is imported. However, my concern is about the energy in each of us. Is it a positive or a negative energy?

Everything that exists is energy in a particular state of vibration. Even our very thoughts are energy; therefore, we ought to pay attention to the energy in and around us. Persons may find it difficult to accept this, but it is a fact. We all carry an energy around that may cause persons to be attracted to us or simply want to stay away from us. Sometimes, upon entering a room, you are able to recognize that someone is in the room or was there recently. This is because we all carry this energy around us, which modifies the energy in the room. Another can therefore sense the difference in the energy within the room.

The energy we give off is based on that energy within us. If the energy within us is positive, we would give off a positive energy and if it is negative, the opposite would occur. Whatever energy you give off would determine what is attracted to you. If you give off positive energy, it means that positive things would be attracted to you and vice versa.

We must therefore strive to maintain a positive energy within us.

Maintaining a positive energy is very important to your health. It affects our mental state as well as the functioning of our organs. In fact, we can use our minds to send additional energy to our organs to ensure proper functioning or to enhance recovery from illness. Contact healing involves transferring energy from one person’s body to another.

There is also absent healing, which persons attempt to do through praying or meditating on someone. This involves attempting to transfer additional energy from the universe to a person.

We must always be mindful of our energy, because it is this energy that can propel us to greater heights. Some persons refer to it as luck. However, it has to do with what is being attracted to us, based on our energy. Therefore, it is very important that we take note of our energy.