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Assisting others break Canadian laws


Tue, Nov 22. 2011

Editor: So the leader of the party in opposition (I refuse to refer to Arnhim Eustace as the Opposition Leader in SVG) is smart enough to publicly declare that he aids and abets Vincentians to break the laws of Canada?{{more}}

Here is a man who wants to be the head of a Commonwealth government, making such a stupid admission.

His letters will not help those who seek refugee status in Canada. Vincentians are not conventional refugees. A few refugee claimants will succeed on humanitarian grounds but the vast majority of them are only lining the pockets of lawyers and unscrupulous self-styled “immigration consultants”.

Arnhim Eustace should immediately offer an apology to the government and people of Canada.

I wonder how the government of Canada will deal with this dotishness.


I read in the SEARCHLIGHT edition of November 18 where Mike Browne is mad as hell because he did not receive an invitation to the official opening of the Teachers’ Credit Union building.

Mike laments that he made personal sacrifices during his time as president of the Teachers Union. Especially during the 1975 confrontation with authorities.

Comrade Mike has a point. It is very childish of the current Teachers’ Credit Union leadership to refuse to acknowledge the efforts of Mike Browne and his outstanding contribution to the teachers’ movement.

Mike, ole people say “do so nuh like so”. You and others in the MNU faction of the ULP meted out the very same treatment to many Labourites after Cato’s Labour Party brought you all to government.

Stop being a “cry cry baby”.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.