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Vincy taste preference – Nothing better than a piece of roasted pork!


Fri, Nov 18. 2011

Editor: I must compliment some of our local entrepreneurs for offering for sale the traditional dish, roasted pork, to an extent that such a meal forms part of some Vincentians’ weekend relaxation activities.{{more}} There is even a “pork city” to highlight this local culture! Such an endeavor can only bring positive outcomes to food-handlers, patrons, farmers and, by extension, the entire nation.

In the distant past, when electricity was uncommon to most parts of the country, our fore-parents relied on salt as the primary meat preservative, hence they had what was commonly known as “corned pork”. In those days, one of the popular ways to prepare the pork was roasting it while roasting bread fruit; and at the end of the exercise, roasted breadfruit and pork were consumed. Throughout the years, roasted pork was prepared within the home or farm setting. But now, with a heightened sense of entrepreneurship, Vincentian roasted pork is being offered for sale to the populace, and even tourists take time out to enjoy this local delicacy.

Like all meat and other foods, pork must be inspected, properly prepared and served in a hygienic manner so as to prevent the outbreak of food-related diseases. Once all of these are satisfied, there is no doubt that roasted pork can compete favorably with barbequed pork or chicken.

For the skeptics who believe that pig has a worm that cannot die, no matter how it is prepared, be advised that this is not scientifically accurate. Like pigs, fish, goat,

sheep and other animals can be helminth infested. If these animals are properly treated or removed from the meat market /abattoir, these parasites are not likely to affect humans.

As Vincentians enjoy the various local dishes, I am sure most people will agree that there is nothing better than a piece of roasted pork.

Neri James